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The truth about Daisy’s Destruction Video snuff – English version

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The Daisy’s Destruction video snuff on the Deep Web…
¿is real? ¿or a legend? ¿What’s the truth about it? ¿how is the video content? In this entry you can see the truth about Daisy’s Destruction video.

[[ The research and the article were jointly conducted by Nemesys (Tina B. López) and Javier Sanz]].

From WE WILL NEVER publish the forensic images of the girls’ bodies, as well as certain captures of the video or information about how to get the videos (because it’s not neccesary to know the truth about this case).
The original entry (and all the web) is written in SPANISH, but due to the large amount of english speaking visits we decide to translate and post it in english language. Keep in mind that we translate it manually, then, we’re sorry if there are any error.      

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We’re talking about Daisy’s Destruction video snuff. Popular in the Deep Web. Sadly very popular.

Anyone who knows the dark side of the Internet (TOR Network – Deep Web) has heard about the «Daisy’s Destruction video«, a video that has been heard for years as if it were an urban legend, with testimonials from users who affirm that they have the video in their possession and talk about its content … but there are very different testimonies. In such a terrible, inhuman and unreal case, research is as necessary as delicate, especially if the video really exists and is not an urban legend, because if it exists we will be dealing with a terrible video that must move through the worst webs of the Deep Web

Approximately 2 years. This is the time we have needed to gather all the valid information about the case. We remind the reader that our objective is to investigate crimes, and to know the data surrounding the video is our most important objective. We start from zero information, we don’t get carried away by testimony and we don’t believe the first thing we read, and thanks to that, we can find information by other ways. In fact, we see that that the vast majority of the information that we have found in different forums and sub-forums is wrong or invented (we will explain why).



Peter Scully - Imagen recuperada de
Peter Scully – Imagen recuperada de

The countdown of the Daisy’s Destruction video began to count in the moment that a man named Peter Scully fly to Philippines. This Australian (Melbourne 1964, father of 2 children …), escapes to Philippine after defrauding more than two million dollars with real estate operations and stock markets, and after imputing more than 100 tax crimes.

After the escape, Scully can give free rein to his most perverse instincts, his most private and homicidal fantasies. Scully develops as the predatory psychopath he is without any modesty.

That’s where he meets a 14-year-old child prostitute Carmen Ann Alvarez who lives in the streets practicing prostitution and Scully «adopts» as one of her «teenage girlfriends» whom he renamed «Angel


At first, this girl («Angel«) was repeatedly raped, however as occasionally happens especially in young people, seems to develop in Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological reaction in which the victim of a kidnapping, rape or retention against his will, develops a relationship of complicity and a strong affective bond with whoever is hurting him. It is mainly because they misinterpret moments of absence of violence against their person as an act of humanity on the part of the aggressor. In addition, in the case of children, the psychological pressure they suffer from feeling isolated, abandoned, threatened and even forgotten by their families, cause them to develop such disorders.

Due to Stockholm Syndrome, Angel becomes one of Scully’s collaborators, helping her to catch street girls and very impoverished families.

To this sinister couple is added (not sure with certainty after how much time) another teenager named Liezyl Margallo, prostitute renamed like «Lovely«.


Scully, her two «teenage madames«, and their other collaborators, move to live in Malaybalay and set up their lucrative base of operations.


Scully becomes one of the Producers of the website Hurt 2 Core of the also condemned «Lux«. This website (hosted in the TOR Web – Deep Web) had subforums, chat room and video streaming and was hosted in the Deep Web (Red TOR). Scully began to discover a major source of income, marketing her clips in pay-per-view mode.


It’s important to keep in mind that there are different types of pedophiles according to their modus operandi and according to their psychopathological classification, and even though they know that many of them do not seek to harm children because, according to their thinking, «they believe that minors are enjoying«, the most dangerous pedophiles are the sadists, who seek the pleasure of damaging minors, which in the Deep Web is known as» hurtcore «, which were dedicated Scully and Lux.


As we have commented, these people were dedicated to tricking street children who were malnourished, drowsy, or in inferior condition. They attracted them with food and promises of a house where to live. Nobody cared about street children. It’s 2012 Angel and Lovely manage to attract and kidnap two little girls abandoned to their fate, called Daisy and Queenie, 10 and 11 years old, near a shopping center in Cagayan de Oro (Mindanao). Once abducted they are subject to all kinds of sexual harassment (which in this case we will not make reference), as psychological, as the obligation to dig two graves informing them that they were going to die and they would end up buried in the same.

Five days were spent in which in addition to the sexual torture and humiliation they were forced to drink alcohol, to have sex each other, they suffered beatings and in all that participated Scully, Angel and Lovely, being all this filmed and commercialized through different clips.

Daisy cried and screamed and told that she wanted to die every day of her captivity. Because of the loud screams, they repeatedly covered her head with a pillow and nearly died of suffocation. One morning Daisy woke up in one of the tombs that had been forced to dig. She had fainted and, believing her dead, they threw her like a broken doll into the tomb to cover her in the morning and silence her screams forever.

Daisy and Queenie could take advantage of an oversight of their kidnappers (thanks to the alcohol) to get away and tell their story.

In the meantime the police were behind Scully as they had intercepted a video of a girl forced to practice oral sex with an older woman who spoke in a particular dialect from a Philippine area and came to this track investigating Lux.

There were more children, more than a dozen of them, including a thirteen-year-old girl whom they sought at home and convinced their parents that they were absolutely poor, to take her with them to offer her a job as a housewife. This girl is subjected to the same treatment as the two mentioned above and to force her to torture a two-year-old and an eighteen-month-old child in every possible way and record it on video. This girl was not so lucky because she was beaten to death and buried her body in the house. All of the videos involved Lovely and Angel with antifaces, one green and black and the other red and black that were their banners and their unmistakable mark of the videos of the people of Scully called NLF (Not Limit Fun).


In 2012, Angel goes in search of a well-known call Eva Obod that had a niece (Barbie Obod) whose mother had just died. He convinced her to give him the care of the girl because she was going through a lot of financial difficulties and told her that she would take care of her as a daughter with her partner, since they could not have children. They convinced her and took the child away. Eva Obod quickly realized that something was wrong as they changed their phones and addresses and disappeared.

Maybe some of you are thinking that the story line is strange. If Daisy escaped in her day, how is it possible that in all places it is said that the video of Daisy’s Destruction appears dead ?…

Barbie Obod is Daisy. She was the «new Daisy«. She is the protagonist of the series of videos called «Daisy’s Destruction«, that series of videos that became viral and that many thought that it was fake or urban legend. And we can confirm without a doubt, that it’s NOT an urban legend. Such clips exist.

Scully rebranded Barbie as Daisy, for her great resemblance, to remind her, because she was still enraged by her escape, and because the «morbid» awakening of the videos featuring Queenie and Daisy was incredibly lucrative, so «doing Reappearing Daisy «to get revenge and end it would shoot the price of the material … and in fact, it was.

barbie daisy's destruction


It’s of vital importance to know that Daisy’s Destruction video is NOT a single video, it’s a series of 5 mini videos (commonly called «clips») that belong to the series «Daisy’s Destruction«. As we said, each of these clips were marketed in the so-called Hurt 2 Core, where in addition to this series of videos was also provided material on request of what demanded payment users of the page. This in the DeepWeb is known as «Dark Room» or «Red Room», pages in which the members pay a certain amount in exchange of receiving / visualizing their requests. In this case Scully performed these atrocities according to the instructions and fantasies of his clients. These videos paid between $ 100 and $ 10,000.

They made a series of clips that begin stripping the girl in a bath and beginning all the acts with Angel and Lovely to later happen to a bed and to continue also Scully. The two torturing teenagers quietly smoke, kiss with Scully and participate in parts. To avoid unnecessary suffering towards the reader, we prefer not to detail the barbarities that appear from that moment on, so we will avoid the darker details. You can recreate in your mind this girl hanging by the feet suffering all kinds of torture (we will NOT describe all), including eschatological tortures, amputation of fingers, physical tortures with wires, tweezers, wax and ice, etc. In the final clip of the video being still conscious and with less voice behind the heartbreaking cries is ignited and fired.

daisy's destruction

Pure terror. A sadistic pederast. Several participating teenagers. And too many people paying large amounts of money to see their atrocities. This is real, it happens, and it’s just a case that became viral, in front of the possibly large number of similar cases that move in the shadows.


Currently Scully was arrested in early 2015. He was arrested as suspect of pedophilia, not knowing at the time everything he had done. Upon registering their home, they found videos of Daisy’s Destruction along with a lot  of similar videos. He said that «he felt no remorse and  his actions could only be explained by a psychiatrist» (source in Dailymail, clicking here).


Angel was also detained and Lovely too, returning from her honeymoon since she married a French citizen. In the networks you can still find some reference in google to Lovely Margallo / bhabhielove, that each judge. At the moment it is said (but we have not been able to check the certainty of the information) that collaborated in the arrest of Scully and others. Lux was also arrested (Matthew Graham, who was only 22 years old and had dozens of pedophile websites on the TOR Network).

In some webs you can see that they relate the porn actress Little Lupe with Lovely, but they are two totally different girls with some physical similarity.

Daisy Destruction


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